About Everday

Everday comes from 13 years of experience in O&M and Solar Asset Management. Thirteen years in which more than 300 installations, accounting for more than 1.5 million solar panels and a capacity of 500 MWp, have been commissioned. That is equivalent to the power consumption of over 100,000 households. This puts Everday at the center of the energy transition in the Netherlands. Everday’s ambition is to further increase its impact on a sustainable society. By deploying its own field service engineers, service technicians, data analysts and asset managers, Everday ensures maximum performance of your wholesale rooftop and land-based solar power systems every day. Everday does this for and in cooperation with (inter)national developers and investors, EPC parties, local energy cooperatives and owners of large business properties from 5,000 m2 and up.

An optimistic partner

Everday is the committed Solar Asset Management and O&M partner. An optimistic partner who energetically takes on the director’s role. We engage with investors, governments, local residents, insurers and other stakeholders. This is to ensure continuity, efficiency and support for solar power systems. Everday is your partner who takes responsibility for an optimal interplay between hardware, software, people and nature. A solid foundation with which sustainable returns your solar system will actually be achieved.


Everday is the guardian of the Solar revolution. The return on investment in Solar is primarily determined in the operating phase. As a result, every large business solar power system requires an independent, quality asset manager, which takes responsibility for optimal returns at manageable costs and minimal risks.


Our mission is to increase the positive return on Solar investments by ensuring they remain financially viable, operationally reliable and socially supported. For Everday, maximum-yield solar power systems are always leading the way. Here we do not limit ourselves to the technical optimization aimed at as many kWh as possible, but also Financial (Opex), Legal (Contract Management) and Sustainability (People, Planet, Profit). We call this maximization of positive returns.

Our 6 promises

  1. Trust
    With our expertise and experience, we unburden clients and make choices transparent for them.
  2. A focus on returns
    We think about how returns can be optimized in various ways.
  3. On a large scale
    We work on a large scale in order to provide cost-effective service on (medium) sized installations.
  4. For dialogue
    We work with investors, governments, local residents, insurers and other stakeholders to ensure positive impact and support.
  5. For the long term
    We focus on the future and ensure that investments and installations are sustainable.
  6. For impact
    With our work, we make a positive contribution to the energy transition.