VCK Logistics’ solar roof at the port of Amsterdam was found – after analyzing production data – to be underperforming. It was found by our service engineers on site that the solar panels were severely contaminated with gull droppings. A challenge because the roof is more than 30 meters high.


In consultation with VCK Logistics, it was coordinated when access to the roof was possible without disrupting their business processes. This for both inspection(s) and subsequent cleaning. The supply of osmosis water to the roof was also a major concern here.


The solar panels have been thoroughly cleaned and thus they are producing at their maximum again. Simultaneously, the system was completely checked and minor repairs were made. That solved the problem.
Everday advised VCK Logistics to take preventive measures to avoid recurrence. She has experience with various solutions to keep birds out. In this situation, a laser setup was chosen to scare away the gulls. This is a good solution, the panels are not fouled again by the gulls.