The world is changing rapidly, even within the energy transition, new developments and technologies are rapidly following. Therefore, it is important to keep solar power systems up-to-date. New insights, changing laws and regulations or market conditions may prompt technical modifications to the solar system. For example, in a large logistics center, the layout of a refrigerated room was changed, prompting the insurer to express a desire to move the inverters that hung in that room. Everday went to work on this.


Together with the property owner and the insurer, our engineers looked at the technical possibilities for relocating the inverters. In balancing technology, aesthetics, cost and risk, the choice was made to place the inverters in a technical room. To ensure the financing of the solar system, this technical solution was reviewed by an independent party. The outcome of this Technical Due Dilligence was that the chosen solution is the best from all perspectives.


With limited costs, the risks have been mitigated making the solar system and the building insurable again. The inverters were relocated and the cabling was reinstalled in accordance with current standards. Simultaneously, we gave the inverters a firmware update and the monitoring was updated to current standards. The solar system thus received an upgrade in addition to the necessary modification.