Responding quickly to change is a must today. Real estate owner WDP also found that to be the case. She got a new tenant in Nieuwegein who wanted to make modifications to the building to better organize her process. Some of the solar panels were in the way before that.


Together with building owner WDP and the new tenant, an inventory was made of what modifications were needed. These were outlined in a plan and presented to the relevant parties for approval. Upon agreement, Everday made the desired changes.


The modification consisted of rearranging the solar panels in a different arrangement. Prior to the work on the roof, moving and reconnecting the panels, it was necessary to engineer new laying plans and provide as-built documentation.
fit. Both settled Everday. The new tenant is happy, WDP still has a sustainable logistics center, and the modifications have no effect on annual solar power production. This is thanks to good cooperation and technical elaboration.