We discovered that copper had been stolen at the solar meadow in Eemnes. This was discovered with the help of daily monitoring by our data analyst. The theft created an unsafe situation and had damaged the system to the point that it was no longer producing to its maximum capacity. .


After discovery, we quickly liaised with the police and insurance company. This is to remedy the dangerous situation as soon as possible together with the service engineers. For this, we made a recovery plan together.


In the areas where copper was missing, we safely reinstalled the copper. In addition, we have taken preventive measures by installing cameras to prevent recurrence. Furthermore, it was necessary to prepare a damage report for the insurer to handle the insurance claim. Everday has the expertise for this and so helped in the quick settlement. Because of our approach, the theft had little impact on solar power production, the system was additionally protected with camera surveillance, and the administrative handling was fast and efficient.