Do you know how your large-scale solar power system is performing and curious about how to improve?

Your large-scale solar system is generating electricity, but are you getting the maximum financial return from it? And how is your monitoring arranged, do you have adequate visibility into the performance of your system? How long does it take for a faulty inverter to be noticed and replaced? Everday’s specialists will be happy to get in touch with you for a 0 measurement.

Everday 0 measurement

A 0 measurement provides insight into the status of your large-scale solar system. The result of the 0 measurement depends on the information we receive, such as as-built, and monitoring data. Based on this, we estimate the untapped potential of your large-scale solar system. In addition to the results of the 0 measurement, we provide a recommendation that addresses possible improvements to your large-scale solar system.

Important: A 0 measurement is possible from an area of at least 1,000 m2.