The solar industry is professionalizing. Players and systems are getting bigger, interests are increasing, we need to think more carefully about the impact on the environment, nature, society and the energy grid. Solar energy should remain a solution and not become a problem. This is why we are launching Everday, a new company focused on Solar Asset Management: we monitor the positive returns from solar projects,” said Bas IJpelaar, Everday Commercial Manager.

Living off renewable energy, it can be done. But that certainty does not give reason to rest and sit back. It is time to ensure that the progress made can prove its worth. Investing in the sustainable operation of solar power systems is necessary. This increases the positive return on investment in solar power systems. Financially viable, operationally reliable and socially desirable are at the heart of Everday’s philosophy and approach.

Everday is a spin-off of KiesZon, which is part of the Greenchoice group. This background means that it has 10 years of experience in operating solar power systems and immediately includes over 250 installations – accounting for nearly 1 million panels and a capacity of 300MW – in its Solar Asset Management portfolio. This portfolio, which is equivalent to the consumption of over 75,000 average Dutch households, will be supplemented by solar power systems realized by third parties.

Bas IJpelaar, Commercial Manager Everday, comments: “Solar Asset Management is essential for the continued energy transition in the Netherlands. What solar systems have been realized must be maintained in order to continue operating them safely and profitably. In addition, attention to energy generation and increasing positive returns is necessary to ensure the investments made are sustainable. Everday looks at the total picture; financial, legal, technical, the changing environment and stakeholders. Because progress is only made when making the better choice is made easy and attractive. We are experienced in every aspect of managing a solar system and know who needs to be involved in what way.”

“Everday does this daily with an inexhaustible commitment to positive returns from solar power systems” says Frederik van Asbeck, O&M Manager at Everday. We have an irrepressible ambition to constantly invent new ways to make the most of the sun’s energy, within the challenges of the market. Our partners can benefit from our years of experience, expertise and service every day. With Everday, we are making the energy transition permanent.”