Solar Asset Management


As specialists in Solar Asset Management, Everday ensures the optimal performance of your solar power system on a daily basis. By employing a personal Solar Asset Manager, the technical, facility and contract management of your solar power system is in trusted hands at Everday.

The Solar Asset Manager is your first point of contact for all matters surrounding the system. It is the responsibility of this Solar Asset Manager to ensure that all contractual agreements are met, that the system performs optimally, that appropriate action is taken when necessary, and that risks to you as the owner are minimized. For this, the Solar Asset Manager is not only your point of contact, but also communicates and reports to your stakeholders.

Collecting and archiving relevant project data is the starting point of the Solar Asset Manager. By being complete in filings, the Solar Asset Manager has all the information needed to fulfill Everday’s promise of te come: Maximum positive returns from your solar power system.

Operations & Maintenance forms the basis for technical Solar Asset Management.

In addition to monitoring and directing O&M, the Solar Asset Manager manages your solar system by analyzing, organizing and reporting on management issues, which may affect the optimal performance of your system. Everday increases the added value of your personal Solar Asset Manager even further by, for example, advising on related issues such as biodiversity, smart energy and other forms of yield optimization.
In this way, we ensure the maximum positive efficiency of your solar power system. Not just today or tomorrow, but throughout the life of your system.

Operations & maintenance

Operations & Maintenance (O&M) forms the basis within Everday for the professional management of large-scale solar installations. For more than 10 years, we have maintained large-scale roofing systems and solar lawns. We do so at all times with attention to quality, safety and long-term positive returns. Through 24/7 monitoring and data analysis remotely Everday keeps a continuous grip on your installation. Through preventive maintenance on site we keep your installation in top shape and bith deviations or incidents, our experienced and certified field service engineers quick on the spot for performing corrective maintenance. By providing a high level of service through professional O&M, Everday guarantees then also an uptime of as much as 99% on your installation.


Produce more energy, achieve higher yields and contribute to a healthier environment for people and nature with Everday’s Solar Asset Management. For long-term positive returns from your solar panels, we look to the future. We advise on how to use, store and sell your energy. And in addition, about keeping your system up-to-date for maximum long-term results. A future-proof approach also means attention to people and nature. This is why we always consider the impact of your system on the environment in our practices and advice. Thus, Everday ensures optimization of your large-scale solar power system.

*After performing 0 measurement and the technical optimization of the large-scale solar system by Everday.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you still have questions about Solar Asset Management? We have listed the most frequently asked questions for you. If your question is not listed or if you have further questions, please contact us.

Solar Asset Management is the process of monitoring and maintaining solar panels and PV systems. This includes inspecting the solar panels for damage, cleaning the solar panels to make sure they are working properly and monitoring the performance of the solar panels. Solar Asset Management helps you get more from your investment and from the sun.

Solar Asset Management brings several benefits. For example, you benefit from improved performance, lower cost, increased value and improved safety and reliability, among other benefits. This is because we monitor and maintain processes to ensure that performance is as optimal as possible.

Solar Asset Management is of interest to any party using large-scale solar power systems, it does not matter in this whether it is a rooftop system or solar meadows. Everday manages your large-scale solar power system from A to Z for optimal efficiency in the broadest sense.

Choosing the right Solar Asset Management partner is extremely important, realizing a large-scale solar power system is a major investment. Everday has more than 10 years of experience and knows what they are talking about. In its years of experience, Everday has developed, built and managed more than 300 installations – totaling more than 1.5 million panels with a capacity of 300MWp. And this for their own account and risk as well as for the partners. When you choose Solar Asset Management from Everday, you are choosing to put your large-scale solar system in good hands, for both today and the future. That is the promise of Everday.