With 24/7 monitoring, your large-scalesolar installation performs optimally

To ensure that each component of the plant is functioning optimally and contributing to the intended amount of kWh to be generated, Everday monitors multiple parameters using an advanced software package 24/7 and alarms follow in case of abnormal values. Everday’s data analysts remotely monitor solar system operation 7 days a week.

For this, Everday uses SynaptiQ, an advanced monitoring package from developer 3E specifically for large-scale solar installations. Detailed performance parameters are continuously monitored and analyzed in near real time.


Preventive maintenance
Annual inspections

Through monitoring, the plant is checked daily for its operation. In addition, Everday checks annually on site for changed conditions in the solar system and its environment.

In doing so, Everday pays attention to environmental factors that may affect the installation, the condition of the overall structure with associated components, and the safety of the solar system and its surroundings.

Breakdown service and response times

In case of any calamity, Everday immediately supports in securing the situation. Everday will contact you immediately upon the occurrence of a technical malfunction of the installation. If the failure cannot be resolved in cooperation with the installation manager via phone or email, a specialized Field Service Engineer will arrive on site within 2 business days for further inspection and if possible repair. If the failure involves a production drop of 20% or more, Everday will be on site within 24 hours. Call-out charges are included. If the fault cannot be fixed during this visit, Everday will make a proposal for the necessary repair.

Repair and replacement work

A monitoring, inspection or report from you, the client, may indicate that preventive, repair or replacement work is needed. Everday can perform any work to get your solar installation back in optimal condition. We have the necessary knowledge, expertise and all tools.

Customer portal and reports

Through our customer portal, you can consult the technical and performance of your large-scale solar powerinstallation. From total production in kWh to service logging. This allows you to stay informed about scheduled inspections, maintenance work, breakdowns and repairs. You will also receive an annual report with detailed information on the efficiency of your system.