Maximum financial return

With your large-scale solar power system, you are not only contributing to the energy transition, but also to your bottom line. With Everday, you optimize the efficiency of your solar panels and thus get more out of your investment. We have the knowledge and experience to optimize the financial return of your installation. In this, we go a step beyond maximizing energy production in kWh. Your personal asset manager advises you on matters, which contribute to a higher financial return of your installation, such as:

  • Own use of the energy produced
    Get more out of your installation by maximizing your own use of your generated power. We analyze your energy use and then recommend ways to increase direct use. This is more financially beneficial than delivering the solar power back to the grid.
  • The interaction of supply and demand on the energy grid
    Avoid losing valuable revenue. When the supply of solar power exceeds demand, you may face negative energy prices. Therefore, Everday controls your consumption to make the best use of the energy produced.
  • Selling the energy produced
    Sell your sustainably produced energy on the best terms. Everday advises you in establishing a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with your energy supplier.
  • Market Developments
    Don’t be surprised by developments in the energy market. We monitor the future-proofing of your investment and your plant. Our experts identify, advise and anticipate market trends that impact the financial returns of your system. This allows your plant and contracts to move with you.

Positive impact on people and nature

Sustainable future

A sustainable future means paying attention not only to renewable energy, but also to the impact of the systems that produce it. Especially as the industry professionalizes and the players and systems become larger and larger. A positive contribution to people and nature is an integral part of our Solar Asset Management strategy. This is reflected in our advice and choices. Consider:

  • Biodiversity:
    attention to flora and fauna on and around your solar installation.

  • Personal contact with stakeholders
    : your personal asset manager is your point of contact and also engages with governments, local residents, tenants and other stakeholders to ensure support for your solar project.
  • Safety standards: we do not compromise on safety. System safety and the safety of your and our personnel and the environment are our top priorities.

  • Material choices:
    we maintain your system with environmentally friendly materials.
  • Collaborations:we only work with reliable supplier partners who meet our high standards. In addition, we advise you for making sustainable choices.

Increasing the efficiency of your solar panels

Finding and choosing the right partner for Solar Asset Management is important, you obviously want investing in a solar power system to be a good choice. When you choose Everday as the partner for your solar power system, you are not only choosing a partner with years of experience and industry-leading knowledge and quality. But also for a partner who is always busy with maintenance, management and optimizing the efficiency of your solar panels. Therefore, you do not have to worry that it is not worth the investment.